Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hop it, buddy, before you get snapped up!

Today Molly brought a picture from the New Zealand Herald paper to share with the class. It was a picture of a frog sitting on a crocodile's nose! We all talked about the picture and what was happening then some of us wrote stories about it.

Perched on the nose of a crocodile, this brave frog probably won't realise just how much of a lucky escape it's had. For there's one reason the reptile's beady eye is fixed greedily on it's visitor with jaws gaping wide in anticipation - feeding time. Fahmi Bhs, 39, captured this unexpected moment in a pool in Jakarta, Indonesia, last month.

We all agree that is a very odd place for a frog to sit. Our stories are going to be up on display in the classroom if you want to read them. Here are a couple...

The frog thinks the crocodile is a bed. I want the crocodile to jump off the crocodile. - Lily

The crocodile looks hungry. He might eat the frog. It will be sad that the frog is gone. - Molly

Look at the crocodile. The crocodile has a frog on his nose. - Harrison  

Once upon a time there lived a crocodile and a frog. They were mean to each other. One day the frog went on the crocodile's head and the crocodile snapped him all up. - Rosie

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  1. To Room 11
    I like how you put a cool photo on your blog.
    How do you think the frog got on there?
    From Poppy.