Friday, May 23, 2014


We have just had our Room 11 assembly. It was so much fun. We showed the school all of the learning that we have been doing.

Welcome to our assembly!

 We were really excited and a bit nervous...

There were a lot of people watching! 

 We started off sharing some Te Reo Maori and our class song E tu Kahikatea.

 Then we taught the school about 2D and 3D shapes.

 We showed our shape pictures.

 Followed by one of our favourite songs The Shape Song Swingalong.

Then we shared our class fairytale. It was Little Red Ridinghood but with a Vardon twist. 
We have been doing gymnastics so we showed off our jumping and rolling skills.

 We finished off with another song and dance to Mr Clickety Cane.

 It was time for the class award but Mrs Williamson was nowhere to be Ms Frizzle gave it out instead.

Then it was time for the Book Character Parade.

It was a lot of work but we all loved sharing what we know with the school.


  1. To Room 11

    What I like about this post is you have been practising your assembly in the hall and you worked really really well.
    From Adelei

  2. What a great assembly that was, Room 11! I was lucky enough to come along and see it and thought you all did a great job of presenting and singing. Well done! Harry's Mum.