Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Prime Minister Candidates

These children want to be Room 11's Prime Minister for the week. Jaiden (PE Party), Lily (Sports Party), Jeremiah (Arts Party), Kyden (Science Party) and Reghan (Maths Party). Have a look at our candidates poster created by Jesse and Jaiden.


  1. Tough decision Room 11. How are you going to decide?
    Mrs Roberts

    1. Hi Mrs Roberts

      We are having an election on Friday and we are going to vote. All of the parties have to give a speech and make a poster to get us to vote for them. If they win they get to make important decisions next week for the whole class!

      From Room 11

  2. To room 11
    I liked how you were voting! I like how you are a good little class of learners. How many people were you voting for or was it the whole class?
    What were you voting for? I vote for Kyden with science party.
    From Poppy RM7